Washing, care, maintenance instructions

Wool suits, coats, jackets

Woolen suits, coats and jackets should be dry cleaned. Do not directly spray water and air on the adhesive lining when ironing and avoid drenching when going out, otherwise it will cause the adhesive interlining to get damp and cause blistering. It is normal for the buttocks to appear shiny after wearing dark hair trousers for many times.

Denim clothing

Wash the back of the single piece separately, slight fading is normal. Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar when washing for the first time and soak for 30 minutes to lock the color and luster of the jeans. While washing, the time should not be too long and should be controlled within 10 minutes.

Woolen products

Sweaters containing 30% wool or more should be dry cleaned as much as possible. Low hair content blended and wool-like products should choose neutral detergent and softener and lightly knead wash by hand. After washing, spread it out on a drying net to dry, do not shake or wring squeeze. There are pilling phenomena in woolen products, you can use "clothing fleece hair trimmer" to trim and manage.

Mulberry silk, Tencel, silk products

High-end silk products should be dry cleaned as much as possible. The silk fiber is delicate and soft. When wearing, prevent the direct contact between silk products and rough clothes and sharp objects friction. After washing, spread it out on a mesh hanger and dry in the shade, avoiding it in the sun under exposure.


Soak the clothes first to remove floating dust, then put in soap and washing powder/ soak in the agent for a short time, generally 5-10 minutes is appropriate, use soft when washing. Brush gently, not too hard, to prevent piles of fluff, waiting to be stained after washing off the stains, clean it with water and squeeze it off with a dry towel before drying. When drying, lightly pat the clothes with a rattan stick to shake the down, and then put it flat in a ventilated and cool place, and do not expose it to the sun. Do not iron directly at high temperature, and then iron it with a cloth pad on the surface. Avoid hot chimneys, hot ashes from cigarettes, scattered objects from fireworks, etc., to prenvent fiber ageing. Do not wash too frequently to cause agglomeration and reduce warmth retention.

 Leather jacket

Leather products should not be washed, and should not be touched with strong acids, strong alkalis and oils, corrosive substances etc. Keep away from damp, rain and sun; please use leather special cleaning (maintenance) agent care. If it gets wet from the rain, you can use it dry cloth to absorb moisture, and then hang it in a ventilated and cool place. Avoid blow dry.

Collection description

When storing, store clothes according to their materials.

For general clothing, please wash it well, and then fold it flat and put it into the clothing after it is dry. Put mothballs or insect repellent in the box, seal the box and store it in a dry place. Do not use plastic bags and keep the suitcase and the ground in certain distance.

Be sure to wash and polish leather clothing before changing seasons to keep the leather clothing soft, smooth and shiny and prolong use time.

Wrinkle-prone clothes and leather clothes are best to be hung with wide-shoulder hangers when storing. Put on a cloth cover and hang it in a drying closet for storage.

In the moldy rain season, it is best to take out all the clothes and dry them again and newly organized. When you wear it again, follow the washing water mark on the clothes to re-wash and iron before wearing.


When buying new clothes, please wash them once before wearing them.

Except for pure white clothes, do not use bleaching, coating powder/agent. Dark and light colors should be washed separately.

Do not use a high-temperature dryer to dry, otherwise it will be easily deformed.

Do not soak clothes in detergent or soapy water for a long time. If there are stubborn stains, do not use detergent directly to wash and rub. It must be handled by a professional laundry.

When drying, avoid direct sunlight.

Thin and burnt-out products have poor cracking degree, please do not pull it hard. The above methods are for reference. Special clothing is best guided by specialists or go to a professional washing shop to wash.