Our Commitment 

We at Huncia strongly support social responsibility and sustainability in the apparel business.We believe that animals are entitled to humane treatment. We recognize the importance of securing our supply of raw materials from an animal welfare perspective through tough requirements. The Five Freedoms recommendations on animal welfare set out by the World Organisation by Animal Health (OIE) serves as the guiding principles on all farms used in the production of material for Huncia products. In addition, we also have material specific requirements:

Our Down

Huncia only uses 90% white goose down of 750 fill power that comes from ethical sourcing. We promise that no down in our products comes from birds which have been live-plucked, force-fed. All of our down is gathered during natural molting. At Huncia, Quality and Safety are the two things we value the most. Therefore, the hygienic of the down is another one of our top priority. All down and feathers must be sterilized to meet Huncia hygienic and clean requirement for down & feather products.

Our Fur

we respect the environment, and strongly support all sustainable practices. All fur used by Huncia are obtained based on the animal ethical standard, and we make sure that endangered species are never used.

Together, We believe we can all make a difference