HUNCIA is practical. HUNCIA is fashionable. HUNCIA is beautiful. HUNCIA is innovative.
     A fashion statement that satisfies your outdoor needs.
     Perfect seams and a well-tailored silhouette.
     Advanced fabric processing technology for long-lasting value.
HUNCIA is you.

The Inspiration

A long time ago, a Nepalese hunter was prowling the mountains for his next prey when a winter storm hit suddenly.
He was trapped and doomed to freeze to death when a snow leopard appeared out of the sudden.
Weakened by the cold, the hunter felt terrified, but the leopard gently lay down next to him, sharing his warmth, strength, and comfort.
When the hunter woke up later, the leopard was gone, but the great beast’s power remained giving him the strength to find his way home.
Ever since, the Nepalese have revered the snow leopard as their winter guardian.
HUNCIA, a combination of Human and Uncia - the latin word for snow leopard.
Here at HUNCIA, you will find all the strength, beauty, and warmth.


HUNCIA believes in sustainability.
HUNCIA believes in the harmony between animals and humans.
HUNCIA believes in animals’ rights and does not tolerate inhumane treatment.
HUNCIA is committed to the ethical sourcing of all of our raw materials.
HUNCIA is committed to reducing waste and practicing sustainability.
Together, we can make a difference on this planet.